No matter from what view or level of detail you look into it, you will see a different image.
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Hyperobjects are objects which have a vitality to them but you can't touch them.

In The Ecological Thought, Timothy Morton employed the term HYPEROBJECTS to describe objects so massively distributed in time and space as to transcend spatiotemporal specificity.

Our knowledge plays a double sword role in our life. On one side, it allows us to understand and have a peer under the surface of the objects. See underlying structure and related concepts. On the other, it limits the way we see it. It puts any incoming information into the space of pre-defined patterns and labels. Filter out any uncertainty and imprecision. Our processing unit in the head was designed to be very energy efficient, which means lazy at the same time.

Even our attempt to understand it moves us further away from it. Every act of communication creates more information. This information alters both sides of the interaction. Objects acquire new meanings and stories. The observer reflects on himself and the way he experiences an object. Sound like quantum physics, but even more evasive.

No matter what our approach. When we look into any objects or concepts surrounding us, we can never grasp them. No matter from what view or level of detail you look into it, you will look at the object differently.



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