Exploring complexity, embracing uncertainty, striving for change

From Nothing is a personal journey toward a better world. The idea was started by exploring generative works and emergencies in complex systems. Thoughts that turn into challenging and question the ways we interact through the virtual world.

It is not another generative NFT collection; it is how you can support and invest in new ways to experience the virtual world without escapism from the real. Platform for:

  • Research and exploration of uncertainty and how we design flexible systems that will benefit everyone.

  • Discuss and share ideas and stories from the person's perspective rather than the theory of groups that convert us into the cogs of the giant machine.

  • Building new ways to collaborate and experience with advantages new technology brings us.


The main reasons behind the project


Many NFT projects are popping up online every day. So, why did I decide to create another one?

  • To learn and experiment with the world of NFT
  • Get experience in the marketing and promotion
  • Explore possibilities and limits of entropy
  • Get familiar with new tools and technology
  • Learn to work with the written words

my diversified experience and ideas in

  • Generative art
  • Blockchain and decentralization
  • Development
  • Education
  • Complex systems and all-new adventures that I will acquire on my way.

To help and support causes I believe in. The majority of funds from this project will go to address global issues, and the upcoming project that I hope can bring a new perspective on our present and future.


with like-minded people to share the experience, learn, and create together.

What do these images stand for


So, why and how do your invest in these stories by buying NFT will bring new values to you and the world? What is their actual value?


Technology, concept, philosophy, and sometimes a bit of romance. A different point of view. These stories raise some questions. The questions that need to be addressed if we want to see a better society, and a more sustainable and happier future.

Quality over rarity

There is no rarity by design. The rarity of these works by the quality and the work each of them requires. There will be only 99 works minted, even the possibilities infinite. We do not want to exploit the system and be a slave to mass production.

Be part of the journey

By acquiring the work you invest in the story and cause behind it. You became an active part of the community of people that care and would be able to decide where part of the funds will go.

Simulated complexity to unite

We use generated art to explore and study complex systems—such systems as our consciousness and society, market and politics. Explore by simulating these processes and designing new ones. All images presented here are created with the same code. The sameness amplifies individuality and personality. The only common we have - is the difference. We should use it to unite, not divide.


Never-ending journey of change that starts from nothing.

Start the journey

Launch the website and share the message.

Gather resources

Any journey needs some initial resources on your back. We do not need much, just initial. We will start funding with auctions.

Define obstacles and challenges

Sharing the stories and rising the questions.

Find companions

Alone - suitable for travel and experience. To make a change, we need to find like-minded companions. The friends that would support and critique, and extend perspectives. Starting DAO and collaborative work with artists.

Create new tools

To tackle the challenges we need to find a new way to deliver the message. Explore new ways to collaborate and works in the new dynamic environment by exploring the advantage of new technologies and tools.


Share the tools and experience with open-source projects, research articles, lessons, and tutorials.

Never end

The journey of change never ends. As there is no perfect system and ideal world. there are always more challenges ahead and work to be done.

Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Vasily. Yes, this is also my nickname.

Symbiosis with entropy and uncertainty to create.

Entropy artist, New Media director of “Sokaris studio”, educator, and Founder of LiaisonDAO (you will hear more about it soon). The main interest is the mediation of technology and the consciousness problem of complex systems through “consciousness environments and objects”, interactive installations, self-organized systems and societies.

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