Thursday, May 12, 2022

Introduce myself

Symbiosis with entropy and uncertainty to create.

My name is Vasily. Yes, this is also my nickname.

Symbiosis with entropy and uncertainty to create.


I am an entropy artist, New Media director of "Sokaris studio," educator, and Founder of LiaisonDAO (you will hear more about it soon). My main area of interest is self-organized systems, such as the environment, society, Technium, our body, or any complex object. So, I can say everything.

My story is relatively short but with an extensive scope of experience. With a background in mathematics and computer science, a master's degree in cinema studies. Full-time work as a photographer, developer, designer, and new media artist.

I have a chance to:

  • To be published in fashion and art magazines. Show my works at the fashion week and some international awards as a photographer.
  • Produce video content and interactive installations for the brands such as Nike, Swatch, Adidas, Lincoln, and many more.
  • Exhibit my works at Shanghai Art Fair, Dubai 2022, and some international art festivals.
  • Produce permanent installations for the commercial and public spaces. Such as malls, restaurants, and bars, cities, forests.
  • Design and develop complex media systems for the entertainment spaces.
  • Teach new generations of artists at the "Technoetic arts" department in Shanghai DeTao Academy. And much more of them with a series of my video tutorials.

While building complex, large-scale installations for the clients, I prefer to work on the most straightforward machines and conceptual projects to understand ourselves better. I enjoy thinking and experimenting. My diverse experience allows me to see objects and events from many perspectives and find hidden connections between them.

I believe in a more promising future. I know that this future will not come without our hard work. In a world where every person has talent and opportunities, he must apply for the common interest.

I trust evolution, but evolution not with our bodies but with our minds. Augmentation with information is the faster and most efficient way. We don't need implants or sensors to get more. The processing power of our minds already limited us. The best way to augment my experience is through knowledge and attention. Acquiring new concepts can unfold new perspectives on the world. Paying more attention will highlight underlying relations.

Every perspective has its right to live. We can't be sure about the truth in a world of over 7 billion (if we count only the human-centered) points of view. While I doubt the existence of reality, how could I be sure what the economic or political system is better and what causes the global events? I believe all perspectives should be heard but also should be questioned. Some of them have more significant probabilities and more sense regarding the limited available information. We are living in a world of probability space.

I see the world as an evolution tree. But in my case, there is an infinite forest. In which evolutions intersect and converge in the current moment. We have the evolution of biological life, the evolution of ideas and memes, and the evolution of technology, information, and complexity. Each of these trees spreads in different directions. And the more backward we try to trace them, the more branches will unfold.

I experience a world full of agency and causality. Where everything has an active role and causes the effect. I believe in a world where we should be open to experience, curious, and desire this knowledge. The world where we treat other human and non-human agents as equal. The flexible world that can adapt and survive. Not corrupt and decaying with the inert and nonflexible institutions we have now. The world where we trust ourselves and others. We allow the entropy and complexity to help us design this new order.

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