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Many NFT projects are popping up online every day. So, why did I decide to create another one?

I see enormous potential in blockchain technologies. Potential not just for artists. I see the medium’s potential to give us new ways of thinking. I’ve been watching this phenomenon for a year. I saw a lot of exploitation with little innovation in this new dynamic area. The new medium should bring new opportunities and ways to express ourselves. If we compare current ways of working with it with cinema, it would be like playing footage of oil painting on our new TV set. We use the little potential of the new medium. Platforms do not reward us for doing it; in most cases, they even limit it (blocking algorithmic works on OpenSea). 

There are a few experimental projects. For example, HEN was one of them. Where artists were hackers in the new space and tried to develop new exciting ways, it’s gone. Hard to tell for what reason, but this could be a considerable weight to move this kind of project alone. One more reason is to reach a bigger audience and find like-minded people for my ideas. Artblock puts the code on the chain by encapsulating JS into it. This approach is interesting but very limited and loses the significant advantage of decentralization. After all this hype, NFT brings us no projects are using smart contracts to create on-chain dynamic works. All that is called ‘on-chain’ works still barely the links to assets, with some of these assets getting stored on-chain. 

There is also the sign that the NFT market brings the worst of the art market we have in life and turns art more into an investment machine rather object of communication and appreciation.

The reasons

I do working on a couple of on-chain projects now, and before releasing them, I need to learn a lot and experiment. This project is the beginning of the long journey ahead. This first step will allow me to address the issues above. There are many more reasons behind this:

The first reason I even come up with an idea to put it online is to LEARN. To learn new technology, learn how to navigate the new and old environment, and gain necessary skills for the upcoming works.

  1. To learn and experiment with the world of NFT. Dig more into the value creation and how to avoid exploitation of the systems. How to initiative people to invest in the work for the purpose of communication and belonging, rather than monetary profit through speculation on the market.
  2. Get experience in marketing and promotion. I try to avoid this part as I think the good work will always show off. I have concluded it doesn’t work. Most famous works have zero value or idea, while their marketing team is bigger than the creative one. I was fascinated with the most brilliant minds of the time, people with less reach than-popular icons. They focus more on the quality of the ideas rather than spreading them out. It has the sense to be focused, but ideas are worth nothing if there is no receiving end. Here is always the dilemma. To bring the system down and start a revolution, you must first learn how to work inside the system. But not get overwhelmed with it and be available to change when the time comes.
  3. Explore possibilities and limits of entropy. This is another fascination in my life. I believe we should embrace uncertainty for the sake of creativity and improvement.
  4. Get familiar with new tools and technology. All new mediums are usually based on a new set of technology that brings them to life. Blockchain, smart contracts, web development, and algorithms are only one part of it that I need to learn and be familiar with. Social technology like governance, self-organization, storytelling and writing (a way to put my thought into an accessible language) is another big part. Hard to say which one is more important. I would focus on all of them with priorities that will change and adapt to the feedback I would receive.

The second reason behind this project is to SHARE with people with you. Share the experience and ideas I have. With advantage and being involved in very diversified areas, like science, computer science, cinema, art, physical health, education, and so on...

  1. Generative art.
  2. Blockchain and decentralization
  3. Development
  4. Education
  5. Complex systems and all-new adventures that I will acquire on my way.

I would share by means of stories and articles. Where I would learn how to finally put all this complex Rhizome of ideas in my mind into something digestible and clear enough. Share my perspective on the world and encourage you, too.

There is no reason to acquire knowledge or wealth if you do not share it with those in need or do not use it to support the causes you believe in. As I already mention - there is no meaning without receiving end. So, SUPPORT is - the third step without which there is no agency in the world. I will share the resources I will acquire in this project (money, knowledge, social resources) with organizations, movements, and people I believe in. The majority of funds from this project will go to address global issues, and the upcoming project that I hope can bring a new perspective on our present and future. I will turn my experience into articles and tutorials, maybe even an education platform to spread the values.

After we discussed two principal activities of an intelligent system, as I wish I am - learning and sharing/support. There is the third one I believe any such system should possess if we could describe it as intelligent. CREATION. The most effective way to share and process the information it receives is by creating new values and experiences. Bring changes. As changes fuels life, stagnation and stability - are symptoms of death.

COMMUNICATION. Also, there are no objects in the world that exist in isolation. All the above will be just a dream if I cannot exchange it with people and the environment. There is no way to build and create a new world alone. I have only my perspective; I have a limit of knowledge, and I have biases and problems. It will be impossible for me to design anything that would benefit the majority without working with this majority. That is why I am exceptionally captivated by decentralization which has been growing recently. I believe no person should have power over others in life or decision-making; we all should participate in creating better systems. Otherwise, they will turn corrupt and inflexible.

There could be more reasons and details that will unfold in the future and develop and change. But I think these three central values will always be the priorities of this and the following projects. 

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