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Is there are physical works?

All work in very high resolution—some up to 15k pixels. So, if the owner wants, he can print it in almost any imaginable size and on any material he wants.

Is works generative and there will be mint or airdrop in the future?

All works are generative and created with a shader language. There will not be open airdrop or minting in the future as it goes against the project's purpose. The primary goal is to share the story behind the works and projects rather than sell a tremendous amount of work. I decided to avoid automation for this project to add value with a more elaborative and meaningful process.

In the future, I plan to open an interactive tool for people to create their works, but it will not go on-chain and will be more for sharing and exploring. So everyone can create his high-resolution work and explore how complexity brings emergency.

What the timeline for the project?

There is no defined timeline as it is an open-ended project. New works will be published as more and more stories, and the content will be ready. Articles and tutorials will be published parallel with the development process. One of the primary purposes here is to experiment with a new medium; some things will not work and will fail. I will use it to learn and adapt to the feedback I will receive from the environment.

What is the team behind the project?

It depends on what is defined as a 'team.'

  • There is one person behind this project for now as it started as personal, but in the future, it can extend if more and more people decide to join the project and find this idea intriguing.
  • There are multiple roles and personalities behind it, as I try to approach this project from all available to my perspectives and experience in various disciplines.
  • There is a big community of people who share my ideas and influence me on my way over the light. I will mention and write about some of these people in the future.

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