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The only borders in the world are in our minds. The only wars - are the ones we started—Our union is the difference between us and our ability to appreciate others.
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“Man cannot be free if he does not know that he is subject to necessity, because his freedom is always won in his never wholly successful attempts to liberate himself from necessity.”

Hard to start any conversation this day without touching on the situation in Ukraine. I feel ashamed to be a Russian these days, and I agree we all have a responsibility for this. Every person can act, even if his action is tiny. I see personal responsibility. Not that much depends on me. But I would prefer to take it rather than ignore it. There is a chance I can do some good by action. There is certainty in making this worse by ignoring it.

“Men distinguish themselves instead of being merely distinct.”
Hannah Arendt

What could I do now? At least I can show my support to the people of Ukraine and show that the Russian nation doesn’t support the regime. Show my support to those in need. Help with simple words or donations. Hire people that lost their job because of this war. All funds from this work will go to people in need.


The collapse of the systems and their chaotic nature. The colors of Ukraine melted and entered each other. The only borders in the world are in our minds. There are no different nations, especially between one that had so long history together. You could try to separate people by this means; it will be the same effect if you try to create a precise line between two colors in this image. There are different pockets of unity, but if you zoom in deep enough, this image will recreate itself on every level.

The structure of the pattern reminds me of a fire. Fire of the war. Destruction and collapse. The fire started by one side ignites the fire inside their territory. The fire is even more potent. The fire that will divide people, the fire that will ignite protest.

Same time the fire patterns could be seen as a birth. Birth of the new nation and the new world. Birth of the new generation that I hope will learn from the errors we are making now and will never repeat them. We failed this task. We didn’t learn from the pain and blood of our ancestors that went through the wars. Let’s put our best effort into teaching this lesson in the future and make this history accessible.

All funds from the auction will go to the to bring at least minimal required food to the people in need.


  • To participate in Airdrop you need to share this or this tweet, one lucky person will receive Airdrop when the auction will be finished
  • Or you can join an auction to help provide food to victims of the war. By making a bid you also have a chance to receive AirDrop after the end of the auction.



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